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Importance of voiding diary and what else to add

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  • Importance of voiding diary and what else to add

    As most of you know, I am currently going through the interstim trial. I wanted to pass along this information to anyone who has their trial scheduled or is considering it in the future.

    Most of you will be asked to keep a voiding diary, beginning a few days or a week prior to your first stage surgery and continuing for several days after your surgery. This diary is to show the doctor and the insurance company the progress you've made, if that's the case, to use as proof that the permanent implant should be a success. Most docs will ask that you just record the time and amount of void, with any additional comments.

    Even if you aren't asked to keep this diary, you definitely should!! I have found mine to be invaluable so far. Not only do I record time and amount of voids, but I record a detailed account of my symptoms during and after the void (whether I had to push, what kind of urge I had, if there was an increase in pain or spasms post-void. I also record BM information).

    Also, on my hubby's advice, I record any changes that I make to the external generator. You can control the intesity of the electrical pulses via a dial on the generator. Also, there is a panel on the front that you can pull off (like the battery cover on your remote) and there are several switches there...mine has four, labeled 0, 1, 2, 3. Each one has a 0, +, and - beside it. You use two of them to create a on + and one on - and the other two remain on 0. You can switch this up in many combinations...0+3-, 0-3+, 1+3-, 2-0+, etc. My medtronics rep told me to play around with these settings often to find the best one.

    So, I've been recording the time of any changes and what the change was. Last night and this morning, I noticed that things weren't feeling as good as they were before, and I remembered a day over the weekend that I had great voids...good volume, good urge, no pushing, no pain increase. Well, thanks to my hubby, I was able to flip back in my journal, find the day with the best voids, and then find the generator setting that I had used that day. I immediately went back to that setting and have already noticed that my retention is significantly better, as I am voiding twice as much as I was yesterday, and the post-void urgency and pain increase is gone!

    So, just a tip for those of you getting ready for the interstim...keep your diary and be anal about it, LOL!! Write as much as you can and write everything potentially relevant, including your generator information. Not only will it help you find the most comfort, but it will also help you fight your insurance company if necessary.



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