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    I had the first surgery to try out the Interstim II "lead" on my left side of my Sacral 3 nerve on Feb. 21st. Unfortunately, that test period did not provide any positive results (even with two recalculations of the box).
    I had a second surgery yesterday to put in a lead on the right side of my Sacral 3 nerve and now will be testing out that lead for at least a week. My question is, has anyone ever gone through this experience and had positive results the second time? I am keeping a positive outlook that this second trial will bear positive results for me in terms of retention and frequency. I look forward to hearing from those who had the same experience.
    Thank you!

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    I cant help you there with the questions about 2 trials and a successful outcome with the second one. I do want to offer my hopes and prayers for a successful run this time.
    God grant me the serinity to withstand the days ahead!!!

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      I know that my urologist usually puts a lead in both the left and the right side when he does the initial trial surgery, so that if one side doesn't work, he can just switch the box to the other lead without having to do a second surgery. So... yes... I think it's pretty common to have a so-so result on one side but a better result on the other.

      When he did mine, he got the left lead in such a great, perfect position that he didn't even bother with the right side... unusual for him. He told my hubby that he was 90% sure it would work on the left, and it really has! Now that I have my permanent implant, it's great

      Good luck trying the other side. I hope it works for you

      Guess we are "righties" and "lefties" when it comes to sacral nerves too

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