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  • 2 boxes?

    Hi -

    i just got home from teh hospital after having my second stage one interstim done. My first came out in November after getting infected in teh one month it was in. This time they were able to keep me awake through the entire thing with only lidocain and demoral. It was intence and the surgeons and the guy who represents medtronic all said they were impressed I made it without more sedatives, and that it was very hard for them to be in that OR because I was in do much pain (they couldn't get the very inner part and the bone numb - so when they put the wires though the secrum I could feel everything.) They found 2 places that they liked for the wires and so rather than one lead with the 4 electrodes I have 2 and total of 8 electrodes. I am going to test it out for one to 2 weeks (they were only going to do one week since I have had this before - but now with 2 boxes i may need more time. If I like the effect of two boxes they are planning on putting in 2 - one on either side of the spine. I guess there is a box that can hold 2 batteries, but they think I am too thin for that one because it is kind of thick, and I already had trouble with the very small one because of my bones in my back. i am wondering if anyone else has had 2 boxes? I wonder if the surgery will be much longer to implant the 2 instead of one. I have to be awake through this next one too - but this time I will get an epidural or spinal at least - however, being awake in the OR is crazy and scarry for me. I was in so much pain this time that my heartrate was up at 150 - they were amazed that I made it as good as I did. i did tell the surgeon in the middle that I had changed my mind and didn't want this surgery anymore .. haha _ i am glad she didn't take me too seriously! Any imput about the doubel stuff would be great. I am in a lot more pain than I was in the first time - bit i think they had to needle around in there a lot more since I was awake and giving them feedback. They want me on NO activity too whcih is hard for me. It was pretty cool though, because while I was on the table I felt like God was right there in the room covering me from danger - and it was very comforting.
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    good luck

    May it help you out and may you heal soon .
    Life is what you Make It .By being kind to every one and all creatures your life will be more pleasant. Live your life for GOD and if it were the last day you were alive becausse it maybe.


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      i had my test trial on april 16th with two boxes one on either side.
      Has anyone experienced severe vaginal cramping with the interstim?
      Any replies would be helpful thanks


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        My interstim trial didn't work. and i had to get the permanent wires removed so two surgeries in about a months time. wondering if anyone else had to get the wires removed because the test stim didn't work. anyone have any complications from it. my butt is numb and leg gets numb. probably from all that was done in the area in such a short time.


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          omg.. I would have passed out cold from the pain, you amaze me.
          I never heard of having two done at the same time. I am actully curious of why the doctor wants to put 2 interstims in.

          either way you go good luck hugs
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