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Trial and Implant Dates!

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    I'm so happy we are all getting this done together. :woohoo: I am also happy some interstim "veterans" are going with me so I can ask questions as they arise, and i'm sure they will! Hope you all have a great day, mine has been average as I'm getting some hell in the office for the time I will be missing. Yuck.
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      I don't have an interstim, but I'll be thinking of all of you.

      Stay safe

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        I had my trial done May 1 - I went to work the next day...very gingerly and had to rest a couple times during the day, but not bad. I didn't have any of the "awake sedation", just a valium about 30 min prior and local lidocaine where they put the leads in. It wasn't bad at all. My doc does 3 days on each side, then a week on the successful side before he does the permanent implant. I am DYING for a shower!!! I've found baby wipes work really well for "fresh-ups" during the day. The left side worked right away, with very little adjustment needed. The right side isn't working at all, and I can't wait to go back to the left.