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Eleven voids in 4 hrs. :-(

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  • Eleven voids in 4 hrs. :-(

    I've had my catheter plugged the last 4 hrs. and I've had to pee 11 times. If I turn the stim up past one my left foot tingles and my toes curl down and I can't straighten them. Sometimes the vibrations are in my bun and sometimes in the labia and sometimes in the left vaginal wall. Is it supposed to be felt in different places?

    My surgeon called today and I asked specifically if I would always feel that sensation and she said yes. I still haven't spoke to my Medtronic rep.

    I'm discouraged already on day 1.

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    Hi tacy99;

    I would not give up as of yet it is only your first day..
    I did not have any great results with my until eight months after ..

    It sound as if you need an adjustment you setting on your pacemaker it maybe set to high or on your remote , you just need to have another adjustment ...
    Call your medtronic rep and have him change the setting ..
    I always knew with I needed another adjustment as to dumbness in my legs and toes..

    You sure will feel the stimulation but not all of the time after it been in for awhile you don't even know it is there..
    I have had my over eight years, and only had to have four adjustments in all...
    I am going a week from today to have a new pacemaker replaced as my battery is done in my old pacemaker ....

    Don't give up as of yet it does take awhile , this is not a over night fix in any way ...

    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      Hey there! I have mine trial right now too. My setting is on 1. Some times I turn it up to 1.5 My sensation is primarly in the buttocks. My toes make a twitching movement as well. You medtronic rep can program that so it is felt in a different location so it is more confortable. BTW you don't need to feel it for it to be working so go ahead and turn it down to where it is comfortable until you speak with the rep. They also toldme today the permanet implant can be adjusted more exactly, and the test is a crude example of what the device is like-I don't know how true this statement is.

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        hi I just had my 2nd implant. I have mine at 1.07. I do not feel it, more is not better. Debbie has a great idea, have it reprogramed. If you have not had any relief at the end of your trial, I would consider not having the implant. You doctor is incorrect, you will only feel it if yu turn it up to feel it. I have never had the toe curling. in 4 years with it.
        hugs, and so sorry you are not getting the relief you expected.
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          I agree with Cindy, you should be able to tell a difference during the trial. Should you not see a big difference I would not go ahead with the perm.

          On a side note. Some toe curling is normal, but if all of your toes are curling under and cant straighten them up this is not normal. I had the problem with only the big toe in the beg, but at the end all of mine curled under and I could not straighten them up. If I turned the unit off they would. But again this is not normal for all toes to curl under like this.
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