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Bladder & Urethral Spasms

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  • Bladder & Urethral Spasms

    Question for all of you with Interstim:

    Background info....
    I am now seeing an IC specialist as drug therapy is failing for me. I know that several out there have seen Dr. Ragi and she is my new specialist. At my appt this week, she said that I should REALLY consider Interstim. She asked me to read up on all the info, good and bad and we will discuss again in August.

    Here is my quesiton, did any of you have severe urethral and bladder spasms prior to your surgery and if so, has the Interstim helped you?

    My spasms are continual now. Dr. Ragi is injecting my trigger points now in addition to my physical therapy. While my pain is worse, I can deal with that thanks to those meds working :woohoo: However, nothing seems to really deal with the spasms and painful voiding.

    Thanks for any input!!!
    IC symptoms began in 1975; diagnosed in March 2006.
    Other conditions: PFD, Migraine, VV, Total Abd Hysterectormy on 12/27,06 for Cervical Cancer, Fibromyalgia.
    Current Daily Meds: Roxicet, Methadone, Flexoril, Flomax
    I use Prayer, Yoga, Relaxation Breathing and TENS to help relieve stress, anxiety and pain- LOTS of make up to hide my true identity!


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    Have you tried valium?

    I take 2mgs of valium at night and it has helped my urethral spasms greatly. Some take 2mgs 3 times a day as suggested by Dr. Brookoff who has been a guest lecturer on this site several times. I heard him speak in Houston about this very issue and would recommend reading his transcripts available on this site.
    Hope this helps.