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    Those of you who have an InterStim, how involved was your rep. during your trial etc.? My rep. didn't show for first trial and a few days later I found out he was on vacation.

    I had the trial repeated on the other side and he introduced himself to me in the OR just before surgery, but was gone before I woke up. He called me last night and when I told him I wasn't having any improvement in # of voids he said he'd check back on Thurs. The dr. just called me and wanted to know if the rep. had called. When I told her no change in voiding she wanted to know what changes he made and I said none.

    I also am getting such conflicting info about feeling the stimulation. My Dr. insists I will always feel it. Right now it's in my anus and butt cheek and I would not like feeling this everyday.
    So now she wants me to start timed voiding. No change in the unit. I was under the impression your rep. was to be really involved in this process. I feel like I have a slacker.
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    I am so sorry to hear that you going through this..
    It sound like you really need an adjustment..

    " I also am getting such conflicting info about feeling the stimulation. My Dr. insists I will always feel it. Right now it's in my anus and butt cheek and I would not like feeling this everyday."

    As for feeling the stimulation all of the time, well I don't feel it at all unless I the setting in your remote is to high ..
    You should ask what your pacemaker ( Implant ) what voltage you are at and also what your voltage on your remote is too..
    I have my pacemaker set to 4.5 voltage and when I turn up my remote is set at 1.5 voltage can only go to 4.5 voltage..

    The area you can feel it in is in your anus and private area ..

    I do not have a rep at all, my doctor does all my adjustments ..
    Our reps only sale the products in Canada ..

    So I would be asking why the rep will not call you and really insist on some one checking your setting and be very forward with them, this is just not right what you are going through ..

    So sorry, please hang in there and I hope you can get this settle really soon too..

    Warm hugs, Debbie
    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      medtronic rep

      My medtronic rep is similar to yours. He introduced himself in the OR right before they wheeled me back and like yours was gone before I woke up. I have never had a phone call or anything. My Dr. does all of my adjustment etc. and like you, I was feeling it in my butt cheek. I went in to have it readjusted because it was uncomfortable. As far as always feeling it, I have found that after the first couple of days I dont even realize its there anymore. I kinda keep track of my bathroom visits and when I start using the bathroom more frequently I know that it is time to turn up the stimulation. I have been in 3x to have the sensation re-adjusted becasue once I get to a certian level it becomes painful. Moving it seems to help though for a little while. Hang in there. I know the first couple of months I had mine the whole time I wanted the stupid thing out. Now I am thankful for any relief that I can get and would not have it removed for anything.
      Right kidney removal 1992
      Diagnosed with IC 2002
      Nuerostim placement 2002
      Nuerostim adjusment (surgical) 2007
      Diagnosed with nueropathy 2007
      Diagnosed with essential tremors 2007
      Endometrial abblation 2007
      Interstim removal 2008
      Hysterectomy with bladder tuck 2008
      Vasculitis Unknown orgin 2008
      Fibromyalgia 2008

      Currently taking the sodium bicarb/lidocaine/hep bladder installs on a daily basis.
      Will start PT for pelvic floor dysfunction once healed from hysterectomy surg. on 2/21/08.
      I take 2400 mg of Nuerontin (800 3x per day)
      Valium 10mg 2x daily (morning and night)
      10 mg of oxycodone as needed for breakthru pain
      15 mg oxycontin 2x daily (morning and night)
      Cymbalta 20 mg 2x daily (morning and night)
      Lidoderm patches as needed
      Lidocaine gel as needed
      Pyridium as needed.

      I self cath 3x daily due to some retention from pain meds. Of course this is just a recommendation, If I am not having trouble or it is no convienent, I dont do it.

      Was told by my Rhumetologist that she is not sure what we are going to do to treat the Vasculitis and Fibro as they are both considered infamitory problems and I am alerigic to all anit-inflamitory meds.

      Me and my kids
      Susan age 16, Me, Whitney age 18


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        Mine was there for both surgiries, introduced himself, assisted my uro in the or, and called frequently to check up on me. He gave me both cell and home number to call whenever I had a problem.

        IC diagnosed officially via cysto/urodynamics 1/26/07

        Grade II Endometriosis diagnosed via lap 12/11/07

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          my rep was great, she came to see me before my trial, she tlaked about whats was going to take place, how I might feel, and explained in full detail to my husband and I how the external bow worked. She explained I could take a shower in 24 hours. Even tho I knew all this she still made sure I knew everything. My doctor called me the next morning, my rep called every other day. they asked how high my stim was at, where I felt it and how many voids.
          I do not feel my stim. I have it at 1.3 and you should not feel yours either.
          I had to do a diary for 2 weeks before my stim, and then 2 weeks for the trial.

          Remember you are the one in control, you know what your body is doing.
          'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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            Erika do you feel your stim??

            The dr. called today and told me she put the lead wire on S4 on the right this time. I feel like I have a spasm in my right buttock all the time and when I turn it up the back of my right thigh vibrates. Annoying!

            Debbie are you saying you feel it in your anus and your vagina?

            All the feedback is really appreciated. My dr. also is having me start bladder retraining and I'm only to void every 45 minutes.


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              I was in contact with my rep before and during and after my trial and implnat. I have cell and beeper numbers and my dr also has a programmer if I can't get the rep in a timely manner.

              My pusle is in my right middle vaginal/to front anal area. I don't feel it all the the time but I do if I am laying relaxed or seem to be paying attention to it for some dumb reason. I also will feel anal relaxation every now and then. I know to much information. LOL. I would start by letting medtronics know your rep is not in contact with you and as far as bladder retraining becareful of flaring at this point. If you are unable to hold it for long don't force the issue if you can't do it. That is the purpose of the stim.