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I can't Pee after my Interstim is removed.!!!

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  • I can't Pee after my Interstim is removed.!!!

    I had my interstim trial May 8,2007 and my implant May 25, 2007
    June 1, I developed a staff infection and on June 3, the implant was removed.
    I was in the hospital 7 days. while in there my Creatinine Level was very high "Kidney's" And when I went home later that week I STOPPED peeing
    So I was Re-Admitted in to the Hospital June 15, 2007 and was there 1 week
    while there I could only pee 50cc - 100cc And the Nurses had to Cath me every 4hours. I still Cath every 4 Hours and have a Home Health Nurse that Caths me at least 2's a day. Its hard to Cath your self when your so week like I am.
    How ever I asked My Urologist why I can't go pee he said he has NO idia
    if its weather the nerves are inflamed are if he nicked the nerves are
    I don't now all I nows is
    that after he removed my interstim I couldn't pee.
    I go see him this week I hope he has more idaas then last week.
    I am getting mad ... Has this happened to any one with the interstim before.???


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    Well I stop peeing due to my urethral tube had gone partly paralyzed..
    I had to self calf myself for over a two and half years before I had the InterStim Implant done..
    Since I have the InterStim now over eight years with it , I am able to pee on my own..

    I did Urodynamic testing for this and also biofeedback for over eight weeks and this is when they found out that I had pelvic floor dysfunction and this had a lot to do with my problem..

    I am sorry that this has happen but I sure would be asking the doctor to be doing some checking on your pelvic floor dysfunction and checking out all you nerves to see why this has happen to you ..

    I wish you all the best !!!

    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      Wow thats terrible! I am glad your infection cleared up. Maybe a referral to neurologist would be in order to assess any possible nerve damage. Hope you feel better soon.

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        Wow, I am so sorry you are going through this. I would say that if you were able to pee before he put the interstim in, then he likely messed something up, or like he said, nicked a nerve.
        I hope things will get better for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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          So sorry you are hurting so bad. We don't want to believe Dr's make mistakes. Certainly pray this is resolved as soon as possible.