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am I supposed to be in this much pain from the trial?

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  • am I supposed to be in this much pain from the trial?

    Good evening, just got my interstim trial leads placed today. I figured that I would be uncomfortable, but the pain is actually more intense than I expected. I am having trouble standing up/sitting down without help. Obviously can't bend or twist, but I did expect to be able to rise from a chair. Can anyone share their experience from the first few days? Thanks so much!


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    Sure you will get responses, Ang, surprised you haven't already. You might want to call your uro before the weekend, he may want to see you. Sounds a bit unusual, but then we do not have the personal experience to help you. Could be a lead was misplaced. Don't want to suffer through the weekend with this thinking it is "normal" and it is not.


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      I am going through my interstim trial right now and have to decide if I want it permantly by tomorrow morning. (My surgery is Monday.) I have gotten some improvement but not "over the top" improvement. My trial was 3 weeks long. The first week was torture for me. I could not lean against it at all. I could walk unassisted. It will be sore. I was sore but I could walk unassisted.

      Think of it this way---if you get stitches on your will hurt and you can figure out a way not to use it. But this is all on your butt and you are sitting on it and using those muscles to walk.

      Mine also got infected about a week in. That is when I couldn't walk without extreme pain. It did improve with antioboitics and getting it cleaned out.
      Are you allowed to check the site? If so, see if is red, oozing anything (yellow is sign of infection) ---signs of infection.

      If it doesn't get better in a day or two OR you get a fever, call the doctor.

      Good luck. Let me know how you do!


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        Update on my Interstim

        Good morning,

        thanks for your messages of encouragement. I did go through with the permanent Interstim, and while it has been difficult to recover I did note an improvement in my frequency. Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky few who have a reduction in pain, but I still feel that my results were positive.

        appreciate your support!