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    OK this is s sore spot for me, pardon the pun, but I was once almost "taken" by a TENS salesmen,in fact I was so upset by what hapeened I called the local news station and did a very good investigative story about this very thing.
    First of all TENS units are not expensive, Raja, a company that makes them sold me mine for about $60.00 2 years ago, but that was after I got a quote from a salesmen(rep) for another company that had flyers at my pain managment MD.s office, his price was $750.00, which seemed high, but I was in pain so.... my parents were going to buy it for me but I actually got on this board and asked around ,I thought that they used to sell them here, but they didnt. But I did get the mane of and ordered mine. When it came, imagine my suprise when it was the EXACT same unit that the rep had tried selling me for 750.00
    I was furious, I called my Doctor and told him, he took out the brochures, but how many people paid that for ir before and how many are STILL paying that for TENS now.
    The company refused to answer questins on air and locked the doors and refused phone calls, but I did file a medicare fraud case and they were fined ALOT of money.
    Be careful,TENS units should not be expensive at all, and the pads come even with cheap ones. Dont be ripped off by people who prey on those who are sick and in pain.
    And if you feel like you have been ripped off notify the Better Business Bureeau or the Media and/or your insurance.
    email me if you have a story or post it.
    Proverbs 17:17 A true companion is loving all the time and is a brother/sister that is born for when there is distress
    Support American Cancer Society Relay for Life
    Living life on hope and a prayer.
    To read me and my family's story
    Spinal surgery 04/06
    Interstim implanted12/04
    interstim removal 12/05
    Hysterectomy 1998
    Bladder surgeries due to hysterectomy,'98,99,00,01
    DXx with IC w/ Hunners 1999
    Chronic Pelvic pain
    Chronic fatigue
    Depression/post traumatic stress syndrome
    Migraines(OOPPSS WRONG) DX on August 28 with focal seziures, NOw on Zonegram for seizures

    Treatments...Done 'em all, but still looking out for the one that is my magic bullet.
    Weekly or as needed instills w/ elmiron/lidocaine/bicarb

    Meds:various pain meds,Soma (muscle relaxant)
    and a few others I'm sure,depending on how good I have been on my IC diet.

    Trying to keep a positive attitude, in a negative world.

    Best treatment of all, Good Friends who Understand


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      I received a tens unit at the pain clinic through Rehabilicare several months ago and the insurance company paid for it but now they are requesting the money back stating i do not need it bad enough. So now the Rehabilicare company is requesting payment from me. Before you sign any papers or take a unit from a physical therapist stating insurance will pay for it please have insurance precertified first. I have tried just about everything i know to do to get my insurance to pay their portion of it but no luck.
      Just wanted to let you know this might happen and do not want you to go through this like me.


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        Re: cost of TENS unit

        There are many tens unit devices out there with decent prices. I think the prices went down a lot in the last couple of years. Prices may vary from $30 to $150.