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  • sharper image tens unit

    has anyone tried the tens unit available @ the sharper image without a prescription?
    I was just wanting some opinions on it......? I just have felt like doctors have laughed in my face when i mention a tens unit so it would be nice to not have to go through any!

    Diagnosed December 2004
    Cytoscopy April 2007: 1000cc's capacity, no visible "IC", looked perfectly normal. Hydrodistention August 2007: again appearance of “normal looking” bladder. Surgery for bladder reflux in 1990, chronic bladder infections before that.

    Medications: Oxycodone, Amitriptyline, Tizanadine, Lyrica, Ambien, Prilosec, Zantac, Zyrtec, low does Aspirin, (In the past I tried all the typical natural therapies out there without successL)

    I don’t have “typical” IC symptoms,… I have a very large bladder (my Dr.’s eyes almost jumped out of his head when he saw my CT scan!) It seems to feel better the fuller it gets & the more I go to the bathroom, the more it hurts. My pain intensity doesn’t seem to be affected by diet or alcohol, that being said pain is my main issue, MAJOR PAIN!!! It sux!!

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    Tens Unit

    I don't know about the tens at Sharper Image, but I saw a Chiropractor last week and he did not even question me and sold me a tens for my back for $60.00.


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      A TENS unit requires a physician's prescription. If you purchase one without it, you are breaking the law and the person selling it also breaking the law. I wouldn't trust any vendor who is willing to do that.

      Stay safe

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        I've never seen one like that. Not sure about the belt with me. Something around the stomach hurts. Imagine you would have to have the belt tight enough for the electrodes to touch the skin. How about going for physical therapy and getting it that way? If you demand to try it would they give you a script?