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    Has anyone tried an alpha-stim unit for their pain? It is similar to a tens unit, but I like it much better. I can do it a couple of times a day (more when I am having a severe flare) and it stops the pain. You can wear it like a tens, but you don't have to wear it. I like not having to wear it all of the time. The pain relief is cumulative. The first day you may get two hours of relief and the next day you may get three hours of relief. There is more info on their You do have to have a prescription for one, but I think most doctors would be willing to write you one. I did not believe that these could be that good, but the rep let me try it a couple of times before I bought one. Hope this helps someone.


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    There are electrode patches (4) that you can place on your lower back and on your lower abdomen and wear it all the time just like my PT showed me to do with my tens unit. I like the other set of electrodes which look similar to a pencil. I just do one on the front and one on the back and move them across my front and back. The machine can be set where it beeps every 9 seconds and then you move the electrodes. The idea is to "X" out your pain. In other words, form an "X" around the area of pain, not put it directly on the pain site. Usually when you are in pain the area that is in pain sends a signal to the brain that there is pain. The brain then sends a signal back telling that muscle to tense up. This breaks that cycle. It is non-invasive just like the tens. The rep. told me that the difference between it and the tens was that the brain is not able to figure out the random pattern that the alpha-stim uses, but that it can with the tens unit. I probably am not explaining this as scientifically as I should, but this is the basic idea. Originally, the alpha-stim was invented to help with arthritis, but they have found that it helps with other types of pain. My daughter has even used it when she has had severe cramps. When I talked to the rep. a few years ago they were working on getting this approved with insurance companies so be sure to check on this before ordering. They cost around $1,000, but it was the best money we have spent on my IC. I will tell you that very few doctors have heard of this. I had the rep. take it to my doctor's office and had her check it out before I purchased one. Hope this helps you.