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  • Electrodes

    The electrodes that go with the tens unit's irrate my skin so so bad. I have super sensitive skin. I end up with red welts even if i wear it for just a few minutes. Is there is anything i could put on it or any other electrodes for sensitive skin i could get.They end up burning bad so I am getting where i dont want to wear the tens anymore. Any idea's or tips


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    I had the same problem you do and it took me one year to figure out how to use them. You will have to buy a few of the disposable electrodes and strip them down. Give me time and I will post everything you will need to get so you can use your tens without so much trouble.


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      tens electrodes causing skin irritation


      I have the same problem with the tens electrodes. It was suggested that I use a skin-prep that comes in a small packet like an alcohol swab (but it is not alcohol). It puts a barrier between your skin and the electrode gel.
      A store that has ostomy supplies or a medical supply store would have them. Also if you checked to see if a large hospital near you has a nurse that specializes in ostomy care she/he would know about them. People with ostomies use them because they get irritation from the adhesives that stick the ostomy bags onto their skin. Maybe a store that supplies them would give you a few to try out.



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        There is a cream of some sort that came with my TENS unit when I got it.It for sensitve skin and really worked well.I'm not sure if it was really a cream but when you applied it there was a protective barrier so the electrode wasn't directly on your skin.It also came with wipes to clean the area before with lotion for afterwards. I got a kit from EMPI that my insurance paid for so I would suggest calling the company that you got your TENS from. Hope this helps.


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          Those barrier creams and prep lotions didn't help me at all. They made it worse in fact. I had called everyone including the tens company and they had no clue what to do. That is where I spent months looking on the internet for a way to wear mine and I finally came up with one. What ever that sticky glue stuff is it makes me break out awful. I wore it for a few months before the irration started and mine got so bad the lower half of my stomach was almost black and oozing. Had to wear paper towels there for a long time. Was really gross! Even my uro was shocked when I told him. He thought it would be just a little irration when he first went to look at it. If anyone needs help in wearing the tens without the irritation just pm and I can tell you what to buy.


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            This is exactly what I was referring to in my other post. You guys need to call or write the company that makes these and tell them there is more than one of you out here who can't wear these due to allergies/sensitivities. They may take enough of an interest in it and find it profitable enough to make another form of the electrodes.