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  • have to give it up

    I can't afford the tens any longer. It takes special supplies for me to wear it and medicaid won't pay for them. Have decided to pay back everyone who says I owe them. Seems all the taking care of, baby sitting and house work was nothing. First person says they paid $2,000 for something of mine which they didn't. They paid almost $1,500 but they said they wanted to do it to help me out. Nothing comes for free. I will pay them back $2,500. Then I have others to pay off. When I run out of the cystoprotek I won't be able to buy anymore. I need $100 each month to survive and the rest I get will go for groceries. Started taking the vicodin again which isn't going well with my body but maybe with time it will get used to it again. I will never ask for help from anyone ever again. I'll live on the streets if I have to.

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    Oh Mary, I hate it when things like that happen -and they all seem to happen at once, ugh. I totally know how you feel - not wanting to take from anyone if that's how it's going to be - grrrr. I hate when they say they are helping, and then they turn around a little while later and say differently...Is there any way you can just pay them a little bit so you can keep your tens and the Cystoprotek? Have you checked into Medicaid and the Cystoprotek since it's a "medical supplement" there may be some kind of coverage for it....

    Sending you big hugs!!!!
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      I have medicaid but they won't pay for the special supplies I need to wear the tens. go figure and they won't pay for the cystoprotek. It isn't a real pill. No script for it. I want to pay them off as fast as I can and from now on I'm paying for at least the groceries so won't be able to afford the tens or the pill. Thought about going back on the bc pill just so I wouldn't have to buy tampons that much. Everyone is like this. Sure help me out and then hold it over my head later on. Where was my pay from everyone while I did the work? Oh well, I have the family from hell.


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        Ouch, Waterflow I'm so sorry things are so tough for you right now. I wouldn't pay everything back all at once, and leave yourself tight. I agree with Traceann that maybe you could pay a little back over time so you don't feel such a crunch. I hope things work out for you.


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          I'm sorry to hear about the financial situation. I was using the TENS Unit for other purposes. My insurance. They paid for the Tens Unit but took it out of my durable medical eqiupment. It was around $800.00. The supplies to keep it running would be over $200 dollars a month. I am returning the Unit to the company. They have to refund my durable medical equipment in full plus the supplies I did not use. I have to use my durable medical eqipment and supply account for much bigger issues such as catheters and urostomy supplies wich on average run over $100 a month.

          I wonder if there is any way you could call the company that makes the Unit and explain your financial situation and ask if there is any thing that they could do for you. There should be a number on the Unit somewhere.

          I'm sorry to hear about your family relations. I hope some of it can get ironed out.

          Thinking of you Always!

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            Kara, $200 a month is a lot of money. My tens unit itself is paid for. It is the supplies I need to wear that I have to pay for myself. No insurance will pay it and I buy the supplies from a web site so the only way is to pay for it myself. Figured I will have to just save the money up. Thought of going to a bank to get a loan but I don't have enough income to get one and my van is not worth much for collateral. (think that is spelled wrong) I need all the stuff I do for the bladder to live and no one understands this! They keep saying it is fixable. Makes me so mad. I don't get much from SSI but I am grateful I do get it. What I can use for groceries I do or I buy the towels and sheets so it isn't like I'm using it for trips and jewelry. At least now I know if I can't pay for it myself I won't buy it.

            Thanks for the help everyone.


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              You should be able to get a set of electrodes for around $10 to $12 and if you're very careful, they will last for weeks --- mine do. And my TENS came with a rechargeable battery. If there's a medical supply house near you, you can talk with them about getting electrodes for you if they don't stock them.

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                I can't use the regular electrodes because of the glue. I have to buy the disposable ones (medicaid won't pay for). Everything has to be taken of them. Band-aid, glue and then I ahve to wash it well in very hot soapy water to get all of the glue residue off. Then I came up with my own way of getting them to stick. I thought about getting a rechargable battery but they won't fit in my tens. They come just a little bit to fat for some reason but each battery lasts 3 days.


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                  There should be a hypo-allergenic version of what you need I would think. And if there isn't, there could be pressure put on the companies that supply these things to start making the hypoallergenic version as I'm sure you aren't the only one with these issues.

                  Hope you find some help soon.



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                    Moonheart, I went that way too but companies all said there are only a few of me and they will not change a thing. Made it frustrating. I asked them what about making both? Reply..No


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                      You guys need an advocate. Someone big who will plead your case for you.


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                        It all comes down to profit with companies. It took me 2 years on and off with errors to finally come up with my way to wear the tens. Maybe I should write a small book about it?


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                          I know you already have a TENS unit. I have an idea that just might work so that you can continue to use your TENS unit.
                          A company named EMPI makes TENS units and all of the supplies needed to use the unit. EMPI does bill Medicare/Medicaid for the unit and the supplies. I called and asked. EMPI has a special unit that only handles Medicare/Medicaid billing. The billing people at EMPI are great. They continue to submit different billing codes until the unit and supplies are covered. I am on the fifth code for my PFD unit. If you go to their website they have info on their units and supplies. Your doc will need to fill out some paperwork so that you can get a new TENS unit with supplies. I know that EMPI has electrodes without glue because I use them. EMPI's TENS unit comes with two rechargable batteries. There is also a section that you can look at and you can refer your doc to it, on how to document the need for your unit and how your doc needs to fill out the paperwork.
                          EMPI'S website:
                          DJO Global Announces Exit of Empi Business Read our press release to learn more. Healthcare Professionals and Clinics, click here for information related to this Empi announcement.

                          I hope this idea works for you. If you have any questions let me know.


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                            Oh wonderful!!!


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                              Catlover, thanks!!! I looked and looked and could not find electrodes without glue. What do you use to keep them on with? I'll check the web site out. Thanks again.