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My solution for Tens irratations

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  • My solution for Tens irratations

    Not sure if I can post this with the company web site but they are the cheapest I could find and all the years I have been buying from then no problems. I do not work for them so no commisions coming back to me from posting.

    I buy everything except the itching spray through They don’t carry the itching spray.

    Use disposable electrodes. Mine last for one year so a bag will last me a life time. Strip everything off and wash in very hot soapy water. You will still have a rash for about 1 week wearing them because all of the glue residue won’t come off and has to wear off.
    Spray the itching lotion wherever you will be placing the electrodes. Then put the Cavilon cream on. Then attach the wound dressing thing on the electrodes and secure them with the large fabric band-aids. Hope this helps.
    I do clean the area first with a baby wipe. Soap seems to irate the skin.

    Items needed:
    Disposable electrode
    Itching spray
    Fabric band-aid—they come in a box of 10 extra large and will be square
    Cavilon barrier cream-item #MMM3392-EA
    Vigilon wound dressing-item #BRD740043-BX
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