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Tens Unit-how and what does it do for IC

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  • Tens Unit-how and what does it do for IC

    Hi Everyone

    How exactly does the Tens Unit work for IC? Does anyone get relief from it? I have been told my bladder is neurogenic bladder caused by nerve pain. I have read a lot of doctors also believe IC is related to nerves (not nervous behavoir but the actual nerves in your body, I didnt want to confuse anyone by saying its your nerves or "all in your head" lol).

    Does a Tens Unit help with frequency and the constant feeling of having to go?


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    A TENS unit can help with pain. What it does is send tiny shocks, which if placed in the right spot, can help by interfering with the transmission of pain "messages" going through the nerves.

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      Originally posted by ICNDonna View Post
      A TENS unit can help with pain. What it does is send tiny shocks, which if placed in the right spot, can help by interfering with the transmission of pain "messages" going through the nerves.

      Is the TENS only used for IC or are there other conditions that it can be helpful for?

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        TENS for bladder pain

        Hi there,
        I have just been lent a TENS machine by a friend. I've had moderate to severe bladder pain for a bit more than 2 years now, and am wondering and hoping if the TENS will help me. It is looking a bit like my pain might be neurogenic type pain as well - still no clear diagnosis.
        I haven't used the TENS yet, still reading instructions and also wanting to feel sure it will actually help the pain and not make it any worse (probably irrational but just very sensitive because just managing pain and wanting to make sure it is a good treatment for bladder pain).
        It is encouraging to hear some positive comments from people using TENS. The unit I've been lent is Super STIM - combines Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) and Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulator. Would be interested to hear more stories and feedback on people's experiences with TENS for bladder/pelvic pain.

        Thankyou for sharing your info, questions and stories.


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          I just got mine two weeks ago at my PT's office. I went through the whole pt thing for PFD and finally got one. Yesterday I was hooked up to it most of the day, because I also have right side pelvic pain and low low back pain. It helps, does not take away all the pain, but helps. I don't know if I will get to keep mine, still waiting on insurance, but I hope so...


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            i have read a lot about the TENS and i guess i don;t understand either. I thought this was the one the dr had to intill. i reciently had a nerve blocker done and it did not work. my ohter question is how did you all find PT's i have called and tried to get an appoitment and every on here in my town knows nothing about IC and will not see me, even with my uro's note. around here it is less common or not reported so even going to the er is a hassel. I really need some help and advice if this might be an appropriate next step in my treatment.
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              Try calling and asking if they treat pelvic floor mylagia for PT. (sp?) That was also used in getting my my insurance to approve my TENS.