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Tens - How To Travel With????

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  • Tens - How To Travel With????

    I just got my TENS unit and it is great. I am flying in May and didn't know which would be better, to check it in luggage or put it in my carryon. Any suggestions would be great...

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    Hi! When I was wearing my tens unit all of the time and flew to Atlanta, I just told the woman who was checking our carry on luggage before I walked through the scanner. She was familar with them from a previous injury she had had. I can't remember if they made me detach the main part from my electrodes or not. The only problem with checking it is that it might get lost if your luggage is misplaced. Could you call ahead and see what the policy is now? We were flying the year or so after 9/11 so security was still fairly tight. It was wonderful to have it on during the flight when those seats could get very uncomfortable. Have a fun trip!


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      Probably do the carryon. That way if you need to use it you will have it on hand. I've gone through lots of metal detectors and I tell the person ahead of time I have a TENS and it will set that thing off. So far all have known what one is. They just scan that wand over me after I go through. Didn't have to detach any of it. Have a fun trip!


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        Thanks girls. I think I will carry it on. The PT gave me a copy of the script signed and dated so I think if they have any questions, that should help. I will probably go ahead and call TSA just to be sure. Let me tell you, I love this thing, I was able to cut my meds by half yesterday and actually go to dinner with my best best girlfriend from Chicago who was in town for just a night and had so much fun. I wasn't doubled over in pain, in fact, I felt like I had a surge of energy. I just hope it keeps working like that. I would love to get off pain meds all together, other if I was in a terrible flare.