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  • TENS placement

    I started a trial with a TENS unit. This is going to take some getting used to but so far, I tried the criss/cross across the bladder-helped with frequency but not pain. Then next night I tried 2 over pubic bone and 2 on back-not as good in my case. 3rd night I tried two on each ankle over tibial nerve and I slept almost 6 hours! It was unbelievable. Last night wasn't quite as good but still got almost 5 hours. So I think this has possibilities for me. Sounds like we have to try a variety of placements before deciding if this works or not but so far I'm encouraged and wanted to tell someone that would appreciate it!

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    Can you describe where the tibial nerve is so I can try it?


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      The placement of the TENS electrodes depends on what kind of pain I have, bladder or pelvic.

      Bladder pain: both sets on tummy, one very low near the hairline and one set about one inch above. It works best for me to NOT have the criss cross of electricity most of the time.

      Pelvic pain: both sets on back; one set placed on the fattest part of butt cheeks, almost the part I sit on; the other set about one inch above that. That means, for me, that the highest set is well below my tailbone.

      Sometimes the electricity feels best (deadens the most pelvic pain) if the electrodes are criss crossed; sometimes not; and once in a while, I just turn on the lowest set.

      Lucky for you that you found the ankle placement that works. Never could find that for this crazy old broad! Only got the right 'stim from one electrode, the other really hurt, no matter how low I set the current.

      This is great! Hope others will share the placements that work for them. Though I've used my TENS (from the ICN) almost daily since June 2000, I still believe there is a lot to learn about it.

      It is the only thing that I can count on to knock the pain down a notch or two...even with all of the meds I've taken over the last 5 years.

      Hope others will share hear as well,
      Your IC sister who also has an 'electric' personality, the same as the rest of you,
      Positive thoughts and prayers that new treatments for IC will reach all who struggle with this disease,



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        Hi Diane
        I was told by the physio to put one electrode as far down on the abdomen as posible and the other as high up on the inner thigh as possible. It certainly works for me!!!
        Love Angie


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          Please send in your electrode placements so I can get even more choices. Thanks much

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