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tens unit and back pain

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  • tens unit and back pain

    Hi, everyone, To all of you who have a tens unit or have used one, do you think it would help with my ic referred back pain? My doctor suggested one at diagnosis,although not for back but for bladder pain. Snce i can seem to deal with my bladder, but not my back, do you think it would work? Is it worth the time, money and is it complicated to use? Thank you all.
    mary jiminez

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    The T.E.N.S. unit has certainly helped me with both pelvic pain and lower back pain. I recommend it highly.


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      Liz2: Thank you so much for your reply. I don't know much about the tens unit, how it works, how you use it, etc, but I have just about had it with the back pain. Thank you so much for answering. Health and hugs. angel
      mary jiminez


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        Hi Mary! I also have severe lower back pain and my advice to you would be to find a good chiropractor. I started going about a year ago before I was diagnosed with IC but knew there was something wrong. In the spinal cord there are places they can work on by doing adjustments to relieve the lower back pain and bladder pain. Let the chiropractor know you have IC and explain what it's all about. I went last week-I have been flaring for what seemed endless and I have been in remission atleast 5 days and going strong. Just thought I'd give you my input. Let me know if it works for you. It's definately worth a try. Good luck to you!