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T.E.N.S. and work?

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  • T.E.N.S. and work?

    I'm looking forward to an appointment in September at a pain management clinic. I plan to try out a TENS machine as soon as possible. I've heard that they helped a lot of folks.

    How compatable is work with the TENS machine? Is it self-contained? I have a secretary just-sit-there job pretty much, so it wouldn't have to stay in place around serious movement.

    Also, the TENS machine that they had in the catalogue here... I'm not getting a picture of it. Do you know if they are still selling it? (obviously provided I get a prescription for one, I'd rather own one than rent).


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    A TENS unit is completely self contained. I used one post op for shoulder surgery and I wore the little box clipped to my belt and slipped the wires under my clothing so no problem. The controls are on the box (Mine was about the size of a pack of cigarettes) so it was easy to adjust. At the time my insurance was willing to pay for rental, not purchase so I no longer have it, but wish I did.

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      The tens unit is ideal for a sitting like job. I am kind of up and down alot in my job, and it still seems to help. A couple words of advice, change your electrodes frequently, batteries frequenty, and clean off the contacts in the unit, battery contacts and it will work more effectively. The electrodes can be expensive, since they are a consumable item, but your dr. can write a script for those as well as the tens, as i recently found out. If you take care of the electrodes they can last a good two- four weeks.