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    I just thought I would let others know to handle the tens unit with care. I have one, but it fell off my kitchen table and slipped off my belt loop onto the floor, now it is non-funtional. I really don't have a uro to speak of to write a new SOL.the lesson here is to treat it kindly....
    Theresa A. Uscinowicz

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    Hey why don't you call the company that you got yours from (or the one that made it) and tell them what happened. They will likely give you a new one without a new script. So check it out. Good Luck Lisa
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      Tried to lie down with my TENS unit. It seemed to hurt the connection of the wires. My insurance company paid for the rental of a new one but I didn't mention that I did lie down with it. There was nothing in the instructions warning about this. And, since plenty of times, IC hurts and I feel better when I lie down, I had tried this with the TENS unit on. It works well if I don't lie down but sometimes it is
      necessary for me to lie down. During those times I usually will take some of the pain medication the doctor gave me. Anyone else had trouble if they would lie down with the tens? Effects the wires or whatnot, couldn't feel the pulsing effect I usually did.
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        Many times when I'm using my TENS I am lying down or in a very low reclining/sitting position because of terrible pelvic pain.

        Works great...just always make sure that I'm not bending the wires back or sideways. Gave some hints on how I use it under KAT's post asking for testimonials.

        If you try these things and can't feel the pulses, I suggest you call the company...doesn't sound right to me! Sometimes I do need to adjust the dial up or down to feel the pulses, but that's OK with me, as long as it works.

        Another thing to think about is the pads. It's critical that the pads have total contact with your skin. Sometimes after a few uses..or if I touch the glue a lot, the pad has peeled-back not all of the pad is working to send the "zaps" to the right spot.

        So I change electrodes. Found a source that sells them for about $50 for 10 sets of four electrodes.

        Let me know what you think about this,
        Gentle hugs to our Songbird and everyone else,
        Positive thoughts and prayers that new treatments for IC will reach all who struggle with this disease,