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Pad Placement & Channel Intensity for PAIN???

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  • Pad Placement & Channel Intensity for PAIN???

    My pain management doctor that I see for back pain prescribed a TENS unit for me for IC, but he did not have any other IC patients so he didn't know where to tell me to place the pads or what intensity level to use. I am having a bad flare and could really use some feedback. My IC pain is a burning urethra-type pain and Pyridium & Prelief are not helping now. Any advice would be greatly apprectiated. THANKS, Pat

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    The best placement I have heard of was one set of pads low on the pelvic area, and one set on the inner thigh. As for the intensity, I have found that the pre-programed regimes that they have don't do me a bit of good. So I just go to the figure it out myself dial, and keep switching until I get relief, not irritation. I usually use about a 3-4 and I use it on the continous stimulation.......I find that when the thing goes on and off it drives me up a wall. So I don't do that.

    Let me know if you need more placement ideas, I actually have a comprehensive guide to placement. (but of course, no IC ones in there..grrrr)

    I hope you feel better soon. Lisa
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      I'm glad this is working for you. It worked for me for about 6 months and hasn't since no matter where I place the pads. I guess it is just one of those things.
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        Hi all

        I spoke to my physio about pad placement this week and she said to place two or four pads at the top of the buttocks either side of the base of the spine (not over the bone). This is because the nerves that serve the perineum run out of the spine at the base. Seems to help with mine while it is switched on but it soon comes back afterwards as she said it would. Intensity is what is comfortable and relieves the pain.

        Hope this helps



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          The only placement that works for me is two on each inner lower leg. I use the knee and the inner ankle bone as landmarks and put the two leads at 1/3 of the way between on both legs, so two on each. This placement runs over the tibial nerve. I use continuous and just turn it up til it hums good but doesn't hurt. It hasn't lost it's effectiveness for me, yet anyway.

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