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where can i buy saratoga protens pads??

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  • where can i buy saratoga protens pads??

    Hi everyone,
    I have the saratoga protens unit....and need some additional pads for it. I have not found a good on-line source. any pon intended. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    I use RE-PLY electrode pads. I found them at a local hospital medical supply store w/i the hospital. Most home medical drug stores can order them for you. They are expensive about 12.00 for a pack of four. They work very well with my Saratoga unit. Your uro or family dr can write you a script and most insurances will pay for it. My uro was generous, I wrote him a nice little note and wrote me a script for eight packages, total of 40 electrode pads. I do have a problem with the Saratoga unit with the battery coming out of its spring though, and I think I am using more batteries than necessary. I couldn't live without it. My uro was a little shocked (no pun intended) when he heard I used it every day. I saw my internist he saw I had it on and wrote a script for six more refills. I know its double dipping, but its not like it is a narcotic. I will write another note to my uro and I am sure he will prescribe more, especially now..don't ask why, but most insurances will cover it I have a PPOM which is better than a PPO or an HMO, but its not Blue Cross. hope this helps.