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New to tens therapy!!

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  • New to tens therapy!!

    I just started physio and she also does tens therapy. My main sytom of Ic is the frequency is the tens therapy helpful for this? If so does anyone have the placements that would benefit me? Thanks Sharon

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    No tens will not help with frequency, sorry to say. As for placements try one low, very low on your abdomen and one on your thigh, that seems to one that is talked about the most here. Good Luck, Lisa
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      I use one just about every night but I use it for pain. I wonder if anyone has been able to find it helpful for frequency...seems I did read someone posting about that once. I'm almost postitive someone said it did help with frequency in her case. Perhaps you should start a new topic entitled "Anyone use TENS for Frequency?" so that that is what shows up on the big board and someone might be drawn to respond to you who has that experience. I do notice that when I take my unit off, I often have to pee but I rarely have to pee while it's on so I wonder if someone wore one all the time if they would pee less....?

      I place the electodes both on the left side-one on my lower buttocks and one up higher near my lower back- the same spot the pain clinic docs put the needle for my selective nerve block for clitoral pain. Keep in mind that I use the tens to combat nerve pain on the left side of my clitoris and in my left labia which is where I usually get it but I use the unit whether I have the pain or not because using it regularly seems to help keep the pain away combined with other methods.


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        I think everyone is different with reactions to TENS. It used to help me but hasn't for quite a long time no matter where I place the electrodes. It is helpful for many people. Good luck and take care. God bless,
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          I have been using my TENS for about a week now and I find it will give me short term relief, and right after I use it I seem to have a better output of urine.
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            TENS helps me with both frequency and pain. I use them on inner lower legs, 1/3 way from ankle to knee and then 2/3 way so they are equidistant between ankle bone and knee bilaterally. I've been using it a long time and lately not working as well but it goes in streaks. Sometimes it helps a lot.

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