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  • ??? about TENS units

    Hi everyone. Does TENS therapy just help with pain or can it also help with bladder pressure and frequency? What about with retention? Also, is it considered to be a treatment for IC or PFD or both (I have both). Thanks for any replies.

    -Nancy R

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    Nancy R. Yes, the tens unit really works. It helps me with frequency and pain control. I put mine on pulse mode. You just have to fiddle till you get what works for you. I've had one for about 8 years. And that was back when insurance would not pay and it cost $500. But well worth it. I use it especially when I travel in a car. Hugs.


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      For those of you without insurance or even those with insurance check this out. There is a TENS unit for sale right on this website and it is way cheaper than $500. You will need a current doctor's prescription to get it.
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        The tens unit has been my one saving grace. It helps me with pain, and with bladder spasms. Mine was set by my PT, she helped show me four different ways of using the pads, depending on where and what type of pain I am having. You do need a prescription.... and call your insurance, alot of them cover it as a durable medical expense, and each year they cover my supplies.