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What's the difference in TENS units?

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  • Dianne
    I found one other diff in the expensive one vs. the one on this site. I rented the P.T. clinic one while I waited for the Saratoga one to arrive and the rechargeable batteries with the hospital one lasted 3 days but something about the Saratoga one which uses different voltage, rechargeable batteries only last 4 hours so I'd have to get up and change them during the night. What a hassle. Alkaline would last 2 nights but that's expensive! My husband was able to adapt a cell phone battery that holds a charge for 7 nights to attach to the Saratoga one so at long last I have the best of both worlds.

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  • ICNAsstMgrDiane
    Guest replied
    A Tens unit is a Tens unit. The difference is as Lisa said is the program options in which you will probably never use. The frequency of the stimulation is the same and the leads and pads do the same thing.

    Also, the reason why the Physical Therapy Dept wants you to purchase the one that they use is because they get a cut from each one that they sell.

    When the PT department of my first pain clinic wanted me to purchase one from them it was a huge unit which you had to carry and was very hard to hide if you wanted to take it with you. The smaller units, which do the same thing, can be attached to clothes and hidden so that no one knows that you have it on, much more convenient.


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  • ldwall
    The only difference I know of is how they are preprogramed. IF they have lots of preprogramed options, I believe they cost more. The cheaper ones are simpler models, and I don't believe they are as resistant to dropping. I have a horribly expensive one (my insurance picked up the bill, but made me get the $800 model, shesh!) I really think that if you care for it properly, you will have no problem with a cheaper one. For me, I like haveing the more expensive one only because of where I got it, I have great customer support. I hope you find the right one for you. Good luck. Lisa

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  • pineland
    started a topic What's the difference in TENS units?

    What's the difference in TENS units?

    I'm wondering if anyone knows what the difference is between TENS units? I've been prescribed one and the home health agency that supplies them to the physical therapist told me they rent them to you the first month for $80, then you purchase one for under $500 she said. Well, I can get one here for $100, so is theirs better or is this just a really good price?