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Is Alpha Stim similar ?

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  • Is Alpha Stim similar ?

    I have used an Alpha Stim. Is this simliar to a TENS?
    Alpha-Stim electrotherapy devices offer a drug-free, safe, effective, and proven treatment option for anxiety, insomnia, depression, and acute and chronic pain

    Unfortunatly I became allergic to the adhesive on the pads that attach to your body so I can not use it any longer on my body.

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    It is similar except I could feel the pulses with the tens and cannot with the alpha stim. I use the pencil looking attachment (sorry, don't know the exact name) that came with my alpha stim and love the freedom of not always wearing the unit. I can usually do it once or twice a day for just a few minutes and it really helps my pain. On really bad days I might use it more and on good days not at all. I like the alpha stim better than the tens, personally. The tens unit uses similar pads as the alpha. Could you have possibly developed an allergy to latex in the pads? Maybe they make latex free ones--I'm not sure. Hope this helps.