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Received a TENS yesterday

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  • Received a TENS yesterday

    My pt gave me a tens unit, and basically said to put it where it hurts. Which places have you guys found to be helpful? My pain is very low in the pubic bone region..and I don't think I can put it down there... haha. Anyway, any help would be appreciated.

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    TENS frequencies question

    With a TENS unit, you generally want to make an "X" across the pain. For example, if your kneecap was the problem, you'd want one pad above, one pad below, and one on either side. You might have to experiment with suprapubic pain.

    Could you tell us what settings your doc recommended for using the unit?


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      When I use my tens, I make an x as suggested in the previous post. I put 2 leads right above my pubic area and 2 leads near my hip bones, hope that helps.
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        I actually did put mine above the bladder and then one above that on my lower stomach. Only thing is I highly recommend shaving first. I didn't the first time and wow! ha I was never told about making an X with anything and I had to move mine around. Due to skin getting sore and itchy. So, sometimes they were right above the other and sometimes across from each other.