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  • Interstim

    Hello! Happy Saturday!
    Does anyone know the success rate of interstim for pain? My uro said there's a 1 in 3 success rate with it but I think that could have been for helping with frequency. Any input is helpful. I am getting my trial one input in Nov. (so long to wait boo )cI can only see 2 posted treads on this. It's tough for me to navigate the site on my phone (just me not a problem with the site) but I can't access a computer right now.

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    Re: Interstim

    Everything I have read indicates that the interstim helps with frequency, but not necessarily with pain. You still have some time to research and I think that would be a good idea. Interstim is not usually considered for IC until other treatment options have been tried and failed. I suggest you read the AUA Guidelines For Treatment at the link in my signature below. You may get some ideas for other things you can try.

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      Re: Interstim

      I have heard 70% for people with frequency. To me that sounds pretty high, but I also know there are a lot of people who have issues with the surgery and device and latter file with FDA. Kind of scary!
      Diagnosed Nov 14 via hydro with cysto
      Tried and Didn't work:
      -Oxybutinin, Troviaz, Vesicare, Cyrotec, Trumadol, cimedidine, myrbetriq, sancuria, imetidine
      -Tried DMSO instill twice and could not hold it for more than 15 min. Put me in 10/10 pain for days.
      -Tried Elmiron
      -Pelvic floor therapy for 2 months Returned this month
      -Interstim Advanced Trial, Pudendal Interstim Trial
      -Gabapentin cream for VV
      - Botox in the pelvic floor & Bladder, Pudendal Nerve Block

      Tried and did work:
      elavil for pain only 25mg a night
      Trying: psychological therapy, doxepin 25mg at night
      PFD, Vulvar vestibulitis, IC