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  • Uqora

    Hi, has anyone heard of Uqora being used for Interstitial Cystitis? A friend of a friend is trying it, and asked if I've ever heard of it.
    Diagnosed Nov 2012 after birth of my daughter. I feel like IVF hormone injections triggered my debilitating IC symptoms, but that I had it mildly even before that and didn't realize it.

    Currently taking daily: probiotics, licorice root, vitex, vitaminB12, thyraxis, D3, Calcium/Magnesium, permeability factors, digestive enzymes. Nightly castor oil packs on my abdomen. I follow the IC diet, anti-inflammatory diet, gluten and dairy-free (most of the time), with as much organic, local food as possible.

    My approach is to try to get to the root of the problem, which according to everything I've read, is probably centered in the gut (read, chronic constipation my whole adult life). I have a list of things to try and keep checking things off my list. My inspiration has been Wendy Cohan's Better Bladder Book.

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    There's more than one Uqora --- there are some ingredients that are questionable for an ICer, some that might be beneficial. On the beneficial side is D-mannose which can help avoid infections. Some of the things that concerned me were citric acid and green tea. Please read the labels carefully before trying.

    Please be careful.

    Stay safe

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      Yes! I started taking Uqora (Target and Control) last week, on Dec 26. My brand new urologist in St. Louis recommended it but did say it has things (she said cranberry but I don’t think this is right. It does have D/Mannose, but that’s good) that may irritate IC sufferers.

      I was in an active UTI (4th one in 8 mos) when I saw the urologist and began abx upon receipt of culture. Uqora insert said it’s ok to use when on antibiotics. I took Uqora for 2 days until I reviewed the levofloxacin insert that said not to take this abx with calcium, zinc, magnesium (items in Uqora). So I suspended Uqora until abx were finished.

      I felt better but still had symptoms on final day (#7) of abx course (2 days taking Uqora, 5 days not taking it).

      Resumed Uqora one day after abx (day #8). Had horrible symptoms on day #8. Wondered if infection was lingering, resurging, or if this was an IC flare on the heels of the UTI.

      Day #9 was better (still on Uqora).

      Day #10 (today) is horrible!! My home strip tests are showing negative for bacteria so far. I am very worried the infection (klebsiella species) is still there. At best it’s an epic IC flare. I am starting to think it’s the Uqora. I examined ingredients and saw it has green tea. I think my bladder is sensitive to green tea.

      I just requested a refund and will not take Uqora anymore. All the ingredients listed are things you can take on your own (most of which I already take) for far cheaper than the price of Uqora.

      I’m beside myself with pain.

      I am just now starting to research Uqora. Usually I dig deeper first, before trying new products, but I didn’t do my due diligence this time because I was desperate for relief and prevention strategies and the reputable urologist had recommended trying it (though cautioning that it may not help IC sufferers). I was eager anyway to try…as my UTIs AND IC problems are out of control!