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  • LinKay
    Yes! I started taking Uqora (Target and Control) last week, on Dec 26. My brand new urologist in St. Louis recommended it but did say it has things (she said cranberry but I don’t think this is right. It does have D/Mannose, but that’s good) that may irritate IC sufferers.

    I was in an active UTI (4th one in 8 mos) when I saw the urologist and began abx upon receipt of culture. Uqora insert said it’s ok to use when on antibiotics. I took Uqora for 2 days until I reviewed the levofloxacin insert that said not to take this abx with calcium, zinc, magnesium (items in Uqora). So I suspended Uqora until abx were finished.

    I felt better but still had symptoms on final day (#7) of abx course (2 days taking Uqora, 5 days not taking it).

    Resumed Uqora one day after abx (day #8). Had horrible symptoms on day #8. Wondered if infection was lingering, resurging, or if this was an IC flare on the heels of the UTI.

    Day #9 was better (still on Uqora).

    Day #10 (today) is horrible!! My home strip tests are showing negative for bacteria so far. I am very worried the infection (klebsiella species) is still there. At best it’s an epic IC flare. I am starting to think it’s the Uqora. I examined ingredients and saw it has green tea. I think my bladder is sensitive to green tea.

    I just requested a refund and will not take Uqora anymore. All the ingredients listed are things you can take on your own (most of which I already take) for far cheaper than the price of Uqora.

    I’m beside myself with pain.

    I am just now starting to research Uqora. Usually I dig deeper first, before trying new products, but I didn’t do my due diligence this time because I was desperate for relief and prevention strategies and the reputable urologist had recommended trying it (though cautioning that it may not help IC sufferers). I was eager anyway to try…as my UTIs AND IC problems are out of control!

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  • ICNDonna
    There's more than one Uqora --- there are some ingredients that are questionable for an ICer, some that might be beneficial. On the beneficial side is D-mannose which can help avoid infections. Some of the things that concerned me were citric acid and green tea. Please read the labels carefully before trying.

    Please be careful.


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  • prisd
    started a topic Uqora


    Hi, has anyone heard of Uqora being used for Interstitial Cystitis? A friend of a friend is trying it, and asked if I've ever heard of it.