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The "right kind" of ACIDOPHILUS????...& Colostrum

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  • The "right kind" of ACIDOPHILUS????...& Colostrum

    I read some old threads on here about colostrum..and "the right kind" of acidophilus...I just started taking 1 pill( 150mg) 3 times a day of Body Boost 100% Bovine Colostrum I was taking the "NOW" brand Acidophilus Two Billion...I take 2 to 3 capsules a day....I stopped the acidohilus when I started the colostrum this was 6 days ago...for a few days my bladder felt last night I was in a major flare!!! and peed like 8 times just at night...weak stream.bladder pain..etc...

    Anyway I want to start taking the acidophilus again b/c I read that you are suppose to take that with the colostrum so is the kind I am taking the "right " kind? or should I not take them together?



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    Re: The "right kind" of ACIDOPHILUS????...& Colostrum

    I suggest you give your doctor or pharmacist a call and ask, especially if you're taking any prescription medications.

    Stay safe

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    I am not a medical authority nor do I offer medical advice. In all cases, I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.

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      Re: The "right kind" of ACIDOPHILUS????...& Colostrum

      I am not taking any perscription meds right doctors do not believe much in supplements...what i do not understand is what was meant in those old threads on this site about the "right" acidopholus???


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        Re: The "right kind" of ACIDOPHILUS????...& Colostrum

        You really should find an acidophilus brand that is refrigerated. I know brands that are not refrigerated are usually not very potent from what I have learned. It is always best to use refrigerated ones. I get mine at Whole Foods close to where I live. You can probably find them also at other health stores. I use a brand called Florajen acidophilus. I have had good luck with it. My gyne even recommended it to me to use vaginally as well as orally.

        Most doctors do not believe in supplements and probiotics, though some do. My regular doctor and my gastroenterologist both recommended I take probiotics. I have been taking them for years now. I use one brand by Renew Life and I also take the Flroajen acidophilus.


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          Re: The "right kind" of ACIDOPHILUS????...& Colostrum

          Thanks Jen!