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Has anyone had any success with Javacid or Wine tamer

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  • Has anyone had any success with Javacid or Wine tamer

    I've had IC for probably 8 years - at one point it was intolerable - now if I watch my diet and keep using the supplements I've found work (Desert Harvest Aloe and Prelief), I can mostly get through most days without a flare -- though sometimes foods I've eaten for ages all of a sudden set a flare. Anyway, I'm so sick of eating nothing but "white" foods (i.e. bland, non-spicy, unsalted, unflavourful), I'm dying to try a couple of things. First -- tea (not herbal) --- I'm wondering if anyone has had success with Javcaid? it's supposed to negate the acid in coffee but I wondered if it might work with tea as well. The other big thing I'd love to try again is wine -- I've read about Wine tamer but wondered if anyone had actually tried it successfully?

    thanks for any info positive or negative.

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    Re: Has anyone had any success with Javacid or Wine tamer

    Just found your posting so it has been a long time for a reply. Hope you are still interested. I too am a wine drinker and have successfully used Wine Tamer. I usually wait until a stretch of time without pain and then I enjoy my red wine with a few drops of Wine Tamer. I generally follow with 2 or 3 Prelief also. I always drink water during or after the meal or event. I have done this many times and even several days in a row. If I don't have any pain the next day, I consider it a success. Having said that I don't drink wine daily or weekly but do enjoy it at a wine club we belong to and when traveling I may have it almost daily for a brief period. If I ever do get pain the day after, I take an extra dose of Desert Harvest Super Strength Aloe. I normally take 6 pills a day (am going to start cutting back as they recommend). I find that the aloe is like a magic pill for controlling pain.

    Hope this helps!