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  • Wellbutrin XL

    I have been on Prozac for years but, am going to try Wellbutrin....I am sick of the low sex drive! And, I think that my body is getting too tolerant of it. Been on it since 94. Was on Wellbutrin for a time a few years ago and I want to try it with my IC. Hoping that it won't bother my IC. Anyone have any input on Wellbutrin? Side affects? thanks

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    I am taking both wellbutrin and lexapro. I definately notice a difference between the wellbutrin XL and wellbutrin SR. Over 150 mg causes retention for me. It does help with the depression.


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      My bladder couldn't tolerate Wellbutrin--gave me a burn. But I haven't found anything yet that I can tolerate, so I'm not much of a benchmark. Just thought I'd let you know. I'm still looking!


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        I hate 2 be the one with the bad news, I had a very bad expierience with Wellbutrin eek
        It made me suicidal to say the least
        My Dr had slowly switched me to Zoloft and I absolutly love it.
        I also have no sexual sideaffects whatsoever wink
        No weightgain, nothing..... I am as calm and happy as can be....I love my ZOLOFT lmao
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          I've been on Wellbutrin SR 100mg twice a day along with Elmiron and Atarax for 2 months. I'm feeling much better and I have not noticed any side effects from any of the drugs; although, I sleep great with the Atarax : ) If you have had positive results with Wellbutrin before, it may be worth a try. We all have our triggers. The stress and strain of depression can cause an IC flare..... take care of you, you're your best advocate!
          Best Wishes~ I hope you feel better soon.