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amitriptyline (again!) and piridium plus

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  • amitriptyline (again!) and piridium plus

    I know that Amitriptyline helps you sleep better but have you noticed less pain during the day?

    I just started it (less than 2 weeks) and I'm wondering when I will notice anything.

    I have a fairly mild case of ic so I really never had any trouble sleeping. I didn't usually get up in the night.

    We are going to Disney World on Dec. 27th and I'm just wondering how I'm going to make out. Do any of you take piridum plus? I take the regular Piridium but I've never taken the plus. Does it work better? Make you sleepy?

    Thanks for your replies!

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    Pyridium Plus has a barbituate compound in it. I've never gotten sleepy from it, of course, I pretty much live on pain killers. There is an over the counter version if you need to take it without the barbituate. I forgot what it's called, but any pharmacist should be able to tell you. Just take double the dose to equal one Pyridium.
    Antidepressants normally take a month to work. Stick with it for a month to six weeks.
    Have fun in Disney World!


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      Pyridum plus does make me sleepy. But it works better for me on pain then regular pyridum. Make sure you always eat with either one b/c nausea is a common side effect if oyu take it on an empty stomach. I've vomited before from not following this.

      Hope Disney is fun!


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        I have been on Amitriptyline two months, 25mg at 7pm daily. It helps a lot on pain even during the day.

        I am glad that I stick with it cause it does make me gain some weight. I am also glad that I can now eat more food than before. I have put some fruit back to my diet. lmao Isn't that great?


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          Pyridium Plus is really not something you would usually take daily. I only take it when I have an actual infection.
          Elavil can help with the pain during the day. I think you need more time to see the difference. Also, you might be starting on a low dose and it might be raised at some point before it will make a difference. I take 50 mg at night. It does not stop my pain but I have been dealing with this for 20 years.
          I think you will make out fine on vacation. I usually leave to go on vacation in pain and within a day or two I start to feel better. I think the relaxation helps a lot. Enjoy.


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            Pyridium Plus has been a life saver for me in places like Disney Land where you don't want to have to be running to the bathroom every five minutes. Because of the side effects of making my heart pound and extreme dry mouth and tiredness after several hours, I take a half of one and it works better for me. I just bite one in half. Then if I really really need more later, I take the other half. But half seems to take the edge off without the feeling of constantly having to pee.