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paxil and xanax side effects

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  • paxil and xanax side effects

    I recently started therapy with paxil, and xanax on occation, for my depression and anxiety. I know we all react differently to meds, but I feel as if the Paxil or xanax is irritating my bladder. I feel like I have been in flare since I started the therapy. My docs say these drugs do not aggravate ic, but I don't know. I wanted to know if there is anyone out there who has felt that they have had a flare up from anti-deppresants or anti-aniexty medication????

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    I've been on xanax for about 6 yrs. .25 twice a day for anxiety. If I forget to take it, my bladder hurts. I tried Paxil, but it gave me a bad reaction, so I take Prozac & again I find it helps alot & I hurt if I forget it. Hope this helps, Kathi hi
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      I was on Xanax for about 9 years. I did not notice any worsening of IC.
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        Hi, I am a registered nurse and it is important to mention that these symptoms are occuring to your doctor. It does not matter if anyone else has had the same reaction as you have! Please check with your doctor as soon as possible. There are so many different meds out there that there will be a combination that will work for you. Don't give up! Keep the lines of communication open with your urologist and your pharmacist. I hope that helps! Tina C. hi


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          I've been on elavil now for over 7 months...and worried about the weight gain...I have gained more than I wanted too...had lost soo much at first of getting IC..really way too much July 2003....I do take a little zanax when I feel the bladder or uretheral burning...and it helps...


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            xanax irritates my bladder

            I take xanax when I fly and it really bothers my bladder so I take aloe vera pills with it.


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              Are any of you taking Lexipro for Depression? My doctor wants me to start on them but I"m nervous about the risk of it causing an IC flare: Any information you can share would be much appreciated/

              Thank you,
              Linda P.


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                I have taken both Paxil and Lexapro. I am now taking Lexapro - I've tried others, but keep coming back to it. I was told by my PCP that antidepressants do have an affect on the urinary system. She put me on Lexapro to slow down my constant urination and it worked. Although, my urine stream became weaker and my pain went up (maybe just a fluke). I am back to to the Lexapro because I need something for depression and this has helped more than all the others I have tried.

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