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Did anyone gain weight on Toframil?

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  • Did anyone gain weight on Toframil?

    My doctor says Tofromil will help my IBS and sleep. He also said it is similar to Elavil. The side effects information says it can cause weight gain. When I ask my doctor about weight gain on Toframil or Elavil he said "they do not cause weight gain". I read on these boards and the magority of women did have weight. Confused Sorry to be so vain but I have already gained 10 lbs on other meds. Thanks for your replies. Tilly

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    I have never taken the first med, but I did take elavil. I took it at the time to help with my migraine headaches anywho I gained 45 pounds total with this med. I went off of it. I took it for 7 or 8 months. I have dropped 25 pds but I am still trying to lose the rest. I do believe it causes weight gain banghead .


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      OH YEA>>> When I tried Elavil I was 120 and by the time I stopped it I was 138.... that was in 3 months... I stopped taking it do to it made me a very mean person, as with any anti-depressants I have tried.. I lost 8 lbs when I stopped it.. I tried effexor and that made me extremely ill.. as for the others I cannot recall the names.. my husband takes celexa and remeron, the remeron is an anti-depressant and sleep aide... he has gained weight but, not very noticable. less than 10 lbs over the last year...
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        Thanks way am I taking this drug!

        Oh, I forgot to doctor also said these anti-depressents were pain blockers. I'm not depressed, but I might be if I gain anymore weight! Thanks again for relies. Tilly


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          Dearest Tilly Lady,

          You are so beautiful that if you wore a burlap sack to the Mrs. America awards you would overwhelmingly win!!
          Miss you and hope you find a solution for concerns!
          Much love,