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Elavil / amytriptiline high levels

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  • Elavil / amytriptiline high levels

    Hi everyone.Wonder if you could help me. Ive been on elavil for about a year now for an IC problem i've had for 2 years, started on a low dose and now up to 50mg (for the last 6 months.) I have gained a bit of weight, but I don't mind this too much. It has helped me a lot.

    My problem is complicated by the fact that I have vaginismus, which means I can't have penetrative sex, cos my vaginal muscles tighten. So I've been using dialators to open me up on the advice of my clinical psychologist, so I can be normal (I had problems before IC, but then they got worse.) I'm just not getting anywhere with them, because using them brings on a flare and it's so depressing, cos I don't feel like a proper woman and I feel I have to persevere. My boyfriend of three years ditched me last year cos of not being able to have proper sex. Although I haven't got a boyfriend at the mo,I would like to have a proper relationship and have kids eventually etc.

    So, i've just upped the elavil to 60mg in the hope that it will help keep the flares at bay. My doc says it's ok, but it's getting to high levels now.

    Has anyone had experience of elavil helping at high levels? I think I might have to go up to 75mg. I must admit that it has helped more and more as i've upped it, but I am worried about getting really fat and having unmanageable retention.

    I live in the UK and elavil is the only treatment they'll offer me.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Hi there! I was up to 75 mg. at one point. The great thing about Elavil is that it is safe, and that the doseage can be upped. The problem with me was, that it just kept wearing off, and we kept having to up it...but after awhile it just wore off for me. I wish you lots of success. BTW, the only side effect of Elavil I had was drowsiness.

    Jess grouphug kissing angel
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      I've been taking elavil for about 5 weeks, slowly going up on my dose (under uros care), until I reach 50 mg. Then will re-evaluate.

      So far, I haven't had much improvement in my symptoms, but I am still hopeful. My understandig is that it takes time for the elavil to reach stable levels in your body and have an effect.

      As long as your working with your uro and following his/her advice on dosing, I wouldn't worry too much about increasing your dose.

      If you look up prescribing guidelines for elavil for depression, the dose range is 75-300 mg/day.

      I hope you start feeling better soon!

      Nicole blink


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        This is very helpful considering I am at 25 mg. and feel like I should take it during the day also! Thank you all!