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Anyone using Trazodone and or Klonopin?

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    What is ultram and trazadone? I went to the famous dr Moldwin a couple of weeks ago and was very disappointed. He told me that he felt most of my pain was nerve related....pelvic floor dysfuntion and that the reason why I have such negative reactions to things like overactive bladder meds is because I don't have a "bladder problem" I have a nerve problem. okay I can agree with that because I don't have any food triggors I just have what feels like nerve pain all over the pelvic floor and constant frequency!! but the problem is he didn't give me any solutions!! His advise was to make sure I'm not constipated, take hot baths two times a day when I'm in a flare and take valum????? I could of told any of you to do that!! Valum does nothing for pain or my frequency. So I am wondering if this stuff works for nerve pain. i also have fibro and was on Lyrica, which help the fibro but did nothing for the bladder. Ihad to discontinue because I couldn't take the weight gain, and heart palpatations.


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      Dear Mouse: I am sorry you had that experience with that doctor.
      I thought he had a good reputation and i am sure that is why you went to him!
      Have you followed up with another IC doctor...
      I go to an IC doc urologist in conjunction with a pain managment doc.
      my frequency and urgency is off the charts as well! Nothing seems to work for it for me...but others have a lot of success with different meds, devices, etc.
      Don't give up just because of this bad experience.
      Best wishes and keep the faith!