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Any problems with prozac

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  • Any problems with prozac

    Has anyone had problems with prozac and IC. I couldnt understand why all of a sudden i have been having so many problems with pain until i figured out the pain started when i was taking prozac. I take prozac becasue of depression and anxiety. I am seriously thinking of just going off slowly see what happens and if thats the cause. If its not then i will go back on it.

    That is the only new pill that i have started since june.

    any input would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you

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    I"ve taken Prozac without any problems, it didn't cause me any additional bladder pain but I know there are others who haven't been able to take it...maybe it's the dye in the capsule? Alot of IC patients are sensitive to these things. Discuss it with your doctor and see what he/she says. Best wishes.


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      I am currently taking Fluoxentine (spelling????) for almost 6 months now along with my I.C. meds... This medicine is a mild form of Prozac... I am not having any problems with it. Actually the Fluoxentine has helped me tremendously... Good Luck and God Bless...