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elavil & hair loss

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  • elavil & hair loss

    I know I asked this before..but i am freaking out

    I quit elmiron 36 days ago (thats 5 weeks)
    and my hair is still falling out

    the dermatologist says its not the elavil
    the uro says its not the elavil
    the www says it might be the elavil

    all i am taking is aloe vera & elavil 25mg

    i think its such a small dose..i dont know if it would cause the hair loss or not.

    i had quit elavil for a week...because of this.
    my hair loss slowed...but my bladder acted up
    so i went back on the elavil for a week..and now the hair loss is picking up?

    can it be?
    if so...what the heck do i do now
    i cant take elmiron.and i cant take elavil
    what else can i ask for?

    i really like the elavil
    please help me
    Quit ELMIRON due to hair loss
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    Ah, I know how you feel about the hair loss.........I am shedding all over the place.....I had hair loss with Elmiron.....however my hair loss hasn't stopped since I stopped taking it......finally went to the doctor......thought it might have been post partum hair loss....had baby in June.......may have been a combination of elmiron, post partum hair loss but I also found out I am hypothyroid.....only been on synthroid for 2 let up with the hair.....I am hoping soon!!! I would suggest getting a blood work-up......I am sorry I waited so long.....I don't know about Elavil but if it's helping you stay on it until you get blood work done. Hair grows back fast! I have also heard that stress and diet can have a big effect on hair loss as well. Hope that helps!