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  • Please help if possible

    Hey all,
    I currently take 40mg of Elavil which helps my IC a lot but not my depression. I think the dose you normally take for depression is 100mg or something? But i can't take any higher else I'll be a complete zombie plus the 40 has made me gain a little weight i dont want to gain more. :-(

    Is there an SSRI I can take that will also be ok for my IC or even possibly help? Can I take an SSRI and Elavil at the same time? ( Anyone try generic Zoloft?) I've heard Cymbalta might be a good choice but I don't think theres a generic for it and my insurance sucks it hardly covers any brand name prescriptions. Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

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    My suggestion is to contact your doctor to see if there is a different medication you can try that may be more help to you.

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      Talk to your Doctor but I was taking Cymbalta with Elavil and it was working great with no problems.. I am still taking the Cymbalta but had to get off elavil due to too much weight gain...

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        I could not tolerate even 20 mg. of Elavil. I've had great luck with Cymbalta for pain but it did nothing for my depression. I dropped to a lower dose of that and added Wellbutrin. It has just come out in a generic. The combo of them both works for me. I don't have prescription coverage. But what I learned after having such huge medical bills the last few yrs. is that once I reach my maximum out of pocket my major medical then pays drugs.

        Cymbalta is still new enough they may be giving out a lot of samples. I have found most dr. understanding of cost issues. If they have samples, they may even save them up to give you a lot.

        Good luck. It really takes a lot of patience to work out a med. regiman that helps each person.


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          I can't seem to tolerate any anti depressents, they just knock me out for some reason no matter how low of a dose I take, and then that just makes me feel more depressed because I can't get out of bed!! Definitely talk to your doctor though and try to find something that may work better for you.


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            Hey guys,
            Thanks for the replies. Yeah I guess I'll talk to my doc. and see what she suggests. I guess I just gotta go through trial and error and see what works.