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Hoodia - hunger and thirst suppressent

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  • Hoodia - hunger and thirst suppressent

    I just read about this plant hoodia which is being marketed as a weight loss drug. Has anyone taken it? I have been taking Elavil as part of a drug study through Stanford University. It has been 3 months and it has saved me!

    The study required I start on 10 then the next week go up to 25, then 50 then 75, I was on the 75 for a week and a half but could not handle it! The dry mouth was driving me crazy, I couldn't even talk to people without constantly drinking water.

    Now I am down to 50mgs, I still have mild dry mouth. I have gained like 3-5 lbs mostly in my tummy and ass, which is annoying. I also feel quite hungry throughout the day. I do not have problems with being tired. Looking at others dosages, I think this may be too high, I could probably go down to 25 and get the same relief??

    Anyhow, hoodia suppresses both thirst and hunger which seems like the perfect complement to Elavil. I wonder if any studies have been done on interactions, although I doubt it since hoodia is fairly new. I read about some companies that have put in fillers that don't work and cause side effects, also read it may have effects on the liver. It is kind of expensive too, 90 pills for $60, there is also a patch you can get free samples. Any comments on dosage and hoodia would be much appreciated. Hope everyone out there is getting some relief!

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    I tried Hoodia just before I came down with horrible pain and frequency and was diagnosed with IC. In fact I may be very mistaken but I blame Hoodia for the IC. Maybe I was on the brink and it pushed me over. I certainly do not know for sure. Please be careful and don't believe all you read about this stuff. My Brother took it to help lose weight but I noticed he is bigger then ever. This is just my experience with it. Perhaps others have something positive to say about it. My best to you. Ziggy


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      I have to confess that I did try it. As far as I could see, it did absolutely nothing.

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