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Paxil - has it helped anyone for pain as well as depression?

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  • Paxil - has it helped anyone for pain as well as depression?

    So, after my little 'breakdown' this past week, I decided that I indeed needed an antidepressant. I went back to my old standard - paxil - as I know it works for me and doesn't make me even more crazy than usual.

    Last year I was given celexa and it turned me into Martha Stewart on steroids! My house had never been cleaner. I loved it until I ended up with a major anxiety attack a week later. Elavil caused major anxiety attacks along with retention. So, I didn't really want to experiment with more unknowns this time. Although, I might talk to the doctor about celexa in the future. We'll see.

    Anyway, I've been much more rational and am coming back to center. I've also remembered that the last time I was on paxil my ic started to feel better. Has anyone found that it decreased pain levels?

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    I am also on Paxil and have been for almost a year. It doesn't help with my pain at all. It does help with my panic attacks and depression. I also get manic with other medications. I'll find myslef having tons of energy(which I really don't mind) and talking ALOT! My friends and family can tell but my anxiety levels go way up and so far, Paxil is the only drug that doen't do that to me. I do not take the Paxil CR. I take the generic, Paroxetine. The Paxil CR made me go manic too!

    Hope that helps! Good luck,you may have better results thatn I did!

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