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  • stopped elavil!

    Ok so I stopped the Elavil about a month ago, due to a horrible fluttering feeling in my chest at night. Almost like a heart attack feeling, at age 20?? so my dr told me to stop it. Since then I've been working out... running and doing this work out video. I lost about 3 pounds since then! I'm a skinny girl but was getting love handles and some rolls in my stomach area that i just couldnt get rid of. It was so hard trying to loose it on the elavil. Since then i'm noticing a big difference. Did anyone have a similar experience?? I'm so happy.... my confidence is going back up!!!!
    Not to mention this new cute manager here at the bank has been eyeing me and flirting with me so that could be helping my confidence. I have a bf but flirting isnt a sin right?? lol Hope all of you are ok...


    If you havent tried Carmen Electra's strip tease work out tapes they're fun and help tone your body while you have fun! You should try them.

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    Glad to see you're trying the Stripaerobics!!! They are fun aren't they? I have all of them but #4 I think. I actually made it through the whole second DVD..once-ha! I've lost about 7lbs since stopping elavil, and that's without doing anything else differently. I gained about 20lbs in 4mos on Elavil! That was no fun at all. I guess that means I have 13lbs left to go. Arg!!!


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      I gained on the elavil, stopped it for a while, didnt lose, started it again and didnt gain more and now, about 6 mos later still on it and S L O W L Y losing the weight