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Amitriptyline and weight gain?

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  • Amitriptyline and weight gain?

    Hi all,

    I am a 23 year old female who was diagnosed with IC two years ago and have been lucky enough to find great relief from Sanctura XR 60mg, but I am having a hard time finding relief from my vulvar vestibulitis symptoms. My gynecologist prescribed me Amitriptyline 25mg, but I have to admit that vanity is getting the better of me. I know that antidepressants in general are notorious for weight gain, but from the research I've done I understand Amitriptyline is really bad.

    I'd like to know if any of you found relief from IC/VV symptoms with Amitriptyline, and what the side effects (weight gain?) were for you. I am going to ask my pharmacist what his opinion is, as my gynecologist scoffed at me and told me she thought I'd be happier pain-free than a few pounds heavier on Amitriptyline. I've already had to give up so much because of IC and VV, I'll be darned if I have to give up being thin too. That's where I draw the line.

    Any advice or alternatives? I'm looking for all of the help I can get!

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    You might want to try it for a few weeks to (1) see if it helps, and (2) see if you gain weight. You can always stop taking it if you do gain.

    Stay safe

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      Not much weight gain here.....

      I took it for a fact took my last one last night. I found it helped me tremendously, to the point where my doc suggested I start weaning myself off of it.

      Over the course of one year, I gained about 5 pounds. Now keep in mind that I quit smoking in the same time period.

      I took the elavil in conjunction with the enablex and it keeps my symptoms at bay about 80% of the time. I felt well enough to jog on a regular basis which helped keep the weight gain down.

      It was worth the 5 lb weight gain to have my life back.
      Symptoms began with acute onset in October 2009 and was diagnosed with IC in March 2010
      Current Meds: Enablex (7.5 mgs), Elavil (25 mgs), Vagifem
      Previous Meds: Detrol, Cysta-Q, Desert Harvest Aloe


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        This is odd. I take 75mg each night. Have been for about 6months now. I am not sure it is helping yet, but I take it. This post made me start to think. I HAVE been gaining weight. I never knew this to be a side effect. I used to weigh around 135/137. I am now 147. I did not think I was eating anymore than normally. This makes me wonder. Hmmm. I am starting a stricter diet now. Nothing else seemed to be working, so I was told to get the list of good/trigger food and stay on the drugs and I also get instills weekly. Fun times. But the weight thing I am going to look into further. Thanks for posting.

        I am a filmmaker and I started my own production company. Helps to try and keep mind off pain.

        I am also thinking about doing a doc on IC. In the back of my head for now, but is very doable. Hmmmm.

        I have been enjoying all the help here. At times it's the only place where I feel everyone understands.

        Thank You.:woohoo: