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Debilitating Amitriptyline Side Effect

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  • Debilitating Amitriptyline Side Effect

    Hey out there. I'm over sensitive to any anti-depressants, but thought I should warn you all about something. I started Amitriptyline at a low dose in 2007 when I got the infection that caused my IC.

    Then I raised it this year to 25mg/night, and over the next few days I started losing my short term memory. I would pay for my food at a drive through and then leave without it. I lost my keys at work dozens of times a day. I'd take the wrong exits on the freeway, start baths and forget all about them, etc etc.

    This continued until I lost my job due to cognitive troubles that I couldn't believe were coming from my brain! I assumed they were part of the progression of my disease, since I was also getting migraine headaches, dizziness, and relentless fatigue. I filed for disability, assuming it was ALL from that mystery virus.

    Six weeks ago my neurologist said my symptoms really could be due to medications.. and he talked me into cutting the Amitriptyline. OMG I feel like I have awakened from a fog, even though I'm still living in a Lyrica fog. My memory had gotten so bad I felt like I lost a big part of myself, and now I'm back.
    Exposure to an unclean hot tub 2-17-07 FIRST UTI
    (Got ringworm-like sores from it before)
    (Someone else got what looked like 'eye herpes')
    (My husband got an ear infection. We were all just sitting there!)
    SYMPTOMS: Severe Urgency/Frequency for 18 months, food sensitivity, widespread nerve pains (random and everywhere), deep bladder pain that developed into flares at 4 months. Completely unreasonable diet sensitivity.
    TESTS: Nothing showed in urine cultures, CT scan, Cystoscopy, Lumbar puncture, back and brain MRIs, EMG tests.
    Hydrodistension Surgery/Biopsy showed minor glomerulations, inflammatory and mast cells, and a rare eosinophil. Blood tests show elevated ANA.
    CONFUSED: My hands and feet started falling asleep. I got twitching nerves or muscles everywhere. I started having concentration and memory problems, vision problems, then fatigue and chronic migraines. Fibromyalgia diagnosed, SSDI disability awarded at 4 years, then gone at 7 years. Won the appeal. IBS and esophagus spasms at 6 years.
    MEDICATIONS: Marcaine/Heparin/Sodium Bicarb instills, Lyrica, Nortriptyline, Uribel. Paxil and Trazadone from before. Painkillers as needed. Supplements include CystoProtek, DH Aloe, Colostrum.
    PREVIOUS CONDITIONS: Sudden onset of double vision, Paxil Discontinuation Syndrome, PTSD

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    I have learned that medications should ALWAYS be looked at as potential problem-causers! And better sooner rather than later.
    I'm relieved you finally determined what was causing you so many problems, Tara!


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      I'm sorry you had such a horrible reaction & your dr. didn't find the cause sooner. I am on amitriptyline & am very lucky that I have good relief of my IC symptoms, & do not notice any side effects. I was having horrible memory problems this spring & my fmly dr. did some blood tests & discovered I had hypothyroidism. Once the levothyroxin kicked in, I was back to normal. Glad you're feeling better.