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  • Imipramine?

    My doctor prescribed 25mg nightly of imipramine. I have not seen it listed on this sight. Does anyone have experience with it? Thanks!

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    It is a tricyclic like elavil, maybe your doctor thought it would have less sedating effects or something. Maybe call and ask why they prescribe it over elavil (amitriptyline) or others.

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      Many people with IC take imipramine, it helps you to sleep and it does help with pain as well. I take it and it helps. It is one of those older low dose anti depressents that many Dr's percribe for IC. Give it a try, I have never had any problems with it.

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        I am taking 25 mg 2x daily. It did not make me tired, but I know it does make some people sleepy. Otherwise no side effects. I started taking it after a flare up that would NOT go away. I was scheduled for a DSMO/hydro but the addition of the imipramine allowed me to cancel the appt. (Bought me a little more time anyway). I started with a smaller dose (I think 25 mg 1 x daily but after it started working I was more than willing to increase the dose.) I have had 3 DSMO/hydros and Hunners ulcers. My uro has added meds along the way during really bad flare ups that have allowed me to cancel Hydro/DSMO appts. WHATEVER WORKS (This has been effective for about about 4 months and counting).
        Best of luck


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          I've been on Imipramine for years. It is quite similar to Elavil, but does not cause the weight gain that Elavil does. Imipramine (Tofranil) has been used for many, many years in children who wet the bed. They've had great success with it.


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            As my earlier post stated, it has worked for me. However I have recently noticed some minimal memory loss (short term) and not enough to impact work or anything major. However I did not realize that this was a side effect. I think that it was listed as a "common" side effect. Has anyone had this experience?


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              On imipramine

              I was on imipramine for years and new uro took me off it cause i didnt and he think it was helping. The most it did for me was help me get to sleep at night. Bad side affect was sever dry mouth and blurred vision. So once i went off of it for awhile i vision got so much better i rarely have to wear my distance glasses just reading glasses. Grr cause i had just gotten anew prescription before
              i went off of it.
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                The other name for imipramine is Tofrinal. If you type Tofrinal in your search more threads will pop up.
                current meds- ditropan 5mg xl, neurontin 300 mg. zanaflex for pelvic floor spasms Most meds, IC meds included, cause me bladder pain

                previous med- elmiron( nothing after 8 months), atarax ( to sleepy), ditropan ( retention), Cymbalta, cystoprotek( worsened flare) has helped many others, aloe vera ( worsened flare), lyrica( irritated bladder.

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                  My Dr. gave me Imipramine and it helped tremendously with the pain and eventually with night time trips to the bathroom. He said it had some antihistime properties and although it did mke me groggy the first 2 weeks(25mg 3 x a day) that went away.Taking the Imipramine gave Elmiron time to work it's magic. I quit taking Imipramine in Nov of 2010 because I had Open Heart Surgery and was on some pretty heavy duty pain relievers and when I came off them I found I no longer had pain in bladder anyway. I was off Elmiron for 6 weeks too and my bladder behaved.
                  I wass on the Imipramine for about 1 1/2 years.


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                    Tofranil and Elavil are both tricyclic antidepressants, and they work in much the same way. I have read in other threads where IC Network members have switched from Elavil to Tofranil because the Elavil was causing weight gain.