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  • bubbe1

    Hi Bea,
    I'm sorry you're having to struggle with emotional issues at the same time as physical ones.
    You didn't mention in your post which meds. you've tried that have caused your problems but I was wondering if you've talked to your doctor recently about the problem you're having. Maybe there's something that you haven't tried yet that might work better for you.
    Have you tried anything like Yoga, meditation or acupuncture?
    I wish I had some more suggestions for you, but I'm sure you'll get lots of other respones.

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  • Bea
    started a topic Help :(

    Help :(

    I have had IC for 18+ years now.. I am suffering from anxiety I know it.. it isn't always bad, but I notice I have awful mood swings.. I can flip like a switch.. I get so upset and angry and then am calm.. I take things people say the wrong way.. at the same time slightly depressed.. I get upset over things and just want to cry.. my problem.. eveything they try to give me causes awful retention and or bloating and i have to stop! I have severe PFD, vulv, Fibro, IBS.. you name it What is there for me to take that can help and not have the retention/bloating issues