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  • Why Elivil?

    I was wondering why Elivil not sure if I spelled it right, is the drug of choice for ic? I tried the Nort. (the newer version) and didn't like it as it didn't help me sleep, caused sever dry mouth and sever hunger. Do any other antidepressants help with pain and sleep? I'm getting desperate. My anxiety is so high it keeps me up and I don't want to keep taking Ambien, my Dr. only gave me 20 pills so I have been cutting them in half to make them last.

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    Any of the tri-cyclics should help frequency and pain but amitriptyline (elavil) seems to help the most. Nortriptyline kept me up too, or at least it didn't help me sleep. Ami is much more sedating helping others sleep. They all help pain but ami is best for nerve pain. Alot of people take it for chronic pain. There are others like inipramine (sp?). They will all cause dry mouth but will vary by pill as far as hunger and weight gain goes. Probably worth trying the ami if your doc will switch you, most people only need a very small does, 10 or 20mg a night for great symptom relief.

    Gelnique for frequency/urgency - works great
    Macrobid after sex
    Prilosec, continuous birth control pills
    synthroid .088mg, mucinex-d, restasis

    Supplements: Desert Harvest Aloe vera, Cysta-q, prelief, magnesium and calcium, Vit D, flaxseed oil

    Diag Mild IC Jan 11 but have had symptoms for 25 years. Also have GERD, TMJ, IBS-C, chronic dry eye syndrome, hashimotos thyroiditis, non-allergic rhinitis.

    IC Diet Link:
    AUA 2011 Guidelines to diagnosing and treating IC overview-
    AUA 2011 Guidelines to diagnosing and treating IC PDF:
    Great treatment flowchart on page 19 of the pdf


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      I have been wondering if Elavil would be better for me then the Sinequan that I have been taking for many years...
      God brought me to it, He will bring me through it!!!

      Diagnosed 2003
      by cysto/hydro
      Elmiron took almost a year- made me sick, caused diarrhea
      Pyridium -Made me sick
      Detrol and Ditropan, Toviaz and Mrrbetriq- caused constipation and head ache.
      Tried DMSO instill- had 5 out of 6
      Started Oxytrol Patch-stopped using them after 3 months-- skin was getting irritated
      Cysto/hydro April 6th 2011-- on expansion only hold one cup
      IBS/ IC
      High blood pressure meds and Crestor
      Metformin (prediabetic)
      Sinequan (depression)


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        Maybe try Trazodone instead of a tricyclic

        I kept trying the tricyclics, but though it helps with frequency they keep me awake. I have used Trazodone with great success in the past. Not only did it reduce my frequency dramatically, it is great for helping people sleep. It is one of the first drugs doctors are going to when pt's have sleeping issues. It is a tetracyclic antidepressant and does not cause weight gain, nor is it a strong anticholinergic so the dry mouth is not bad at all. I started with a dose of 25 mg at bedtime.

        Hope this helps.


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          Elavil and others work as a smooth muscle relaxant as well as helping IC patients sleep better. It is my understanding that Elavil is thought to work best in this way. I took trazadone also because I had taken one of the other's before and knew I would gain weight with them. I had good results with trazadone, I mostly used it to help with sleep.

          Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

          American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
          Diagnosis and Treatment of Intersitial Cysitis/Painful Bladder Syndrom